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Abenaki Acknowledgement

We acknowledge this land we sit on and the people whose home this is. This land is the land of the aboriginal Abenaki people who have lived here for over 12,900 years. The Abenaki people faced centuries of war and disease stemming from the European invasion, continued eradication pre and post American Revolution and sterilization as a result of the Vermont Eugenics laws in the 20th century. The resilience and strength of the Abenaki people continues to manifest itself today in their protection of the land and their communities. As members of the Missisquoi Tribe of the Abenaki Nation shared with us, “We will always stand up and protect our aboriginal title.

Apocalypse, Futurity, and (Re)Making the World:

Are We at the Beginning, the End or Somewhere Else? 

To see that your life is a story
while you’re in the middle of living it

may be a help to living it well.

-Ursula K. LeGuin

This is a turbulent time for the planet, the United States, and Goddard College. Challenges abound. Uncertainty is commonplace. And we are being asked to (re)consider who we are, what we believe, and what our future will be. 

Our theme for this residency was created as a call to question where you are in any of the particular stories in which you exist and consider how that questioning changes what is possible.  How does your worldview open or foreclose possibilities? What stories have you been holding about where the planet, the United States, and Goddard College are in their life cycles? How do those stories inform your decision-making as a person, community member, artist/writer, scholar, activist, learner, healer, practitioner, etc.? What are the sources of your stories/worldview? How does the location of those sources affect the kinds of stories that appear in and are embraced within those spaces? What makes it possible to think outside of one’s personal story in order to understand other stories? What skills are required in navigating these stories and the worlds they create? 

Keeping these questions in mind and heart, we invite you to utilize the creative and intellectual resources of your degree track to propose answers to the residency theme as well as visions for what the planet, the United States, and/or Goddard College could look like in the future.

A NOTE ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY: To document residency activities, we may take photographs of events. If you do not wish to have your photograph taken, please inform the photographer. If you are photographing people, please check with the group or individuals to see if anyone objects to being photographed.

Social Justice Statement
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avatar for Liz Medina

Liz Medina

Goddard College
Student Life Coordinator
Plainfield, Vermont
Liz has over ten years of experience in developing service and organizational skills. As the Academic Affairs Coordinator and graduate of our MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts program, she has enjoyed getting to know students, program directors, and faculty. She knows what it is like to attend a residency, work with an advisor, and produce packets while balancing a full-time job and all of life’s demands.

As a member of the Vermont Workers’ Center, she has been a leader in developing cultural competency, analyses of privilege, and community action through training offered by the People’s University for Learning and Liberation, a committee that is part of the Vermont Workers’ Center. As a labor leader, she is an advocate for others in her community both inside and outside of Goddard. She is the co-chair of Goddard’s staff union, UAW 2322. She is also an executive board member and code of conduct designee for Vermont’s labor federation, the VT AFL-CIO.

Outside of Goddard, she has four years of experience working at a flagship Apple store in New York City as an Expert. She spent two years earning an MA in Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths in London.

In addition to her volunteer work, Liz enjoys engaging community members through oral history and socially engaged art in her spare time. She is working on presenting a project on the changing nature of work and cultural identity in Barre, VT.

Liz is strongly committed to upholding Goddard’s social justice-oriented mission. She looks forward to being a support and advocate for our wonderful students!